Hippo Marketing put the dynamite back in TNT Orthodontics with a robust digital campaign.

TNT Orthodontics is a local, family oriented orthodontics practice with locations in Brighton and South Lyon. Dr. Hamway and Dr. Stroster know nothing makes a better first impression, or gives a person more self-confidence, than a healthy smile. TNT Orthodontics came to Hippo Marketing looking for an effective way to share that message.

Web Design

Hippo Marketing set out to create a website design for TNT Orthodontics that lived up to their name. Our designers worked to create a vibrant homepage and a body of imagery that exemplifies their motto, “Orthodontics for Dynamite Smiles™.” Additionally, we integrated a live chat feature on their site for quick and efficient customer support. This engaging website design was the foundation of their digital strategy, and offers visitors a preview of the dynamite service provided by TNT Orthodontics.

To drive increased traffic to the TNT Orthodontics website and to help improve SEO, Hippo Marketing regularly publishes blog posts on tntbraces.com. These blog posts offer tips for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, employee spotlights, and community events. To reach larger audiences, these blog posts are promoted on multiple platforms.

Search Marketing

When people are looking for an orthodontist in their area, they turn to Google. When parents are looking for a reputable orthodontist for their children, they also turn to Google. Hippo Marketing utilizes the Google Search Network to put TNT Orthodontics in front of a targeted audience, and the Google Display Network to retarget website visitors to keep the brand fresh in their minds.

Social Marketing

To increase brand awareness, Hippo Marketing serves ads on multiple social media platforms based on specific keywords and audience targeting. We continually analyze and optimize the campaign to maximize ROI and sales driven by social media.


Hippo Marketing shoots photographs and produces video assets to help communicate the TNT Orthodontics brand. These visual elements are used on the website and social media to provoke audience attention, trust, and loyalty. Nothing grabs attention quite like the lip retractor challenge. Almost 5000 viewers spent a total of over 1400 minutes watching the lip retractor challenge video we created with the dynamite team at TNT Orthodontics.