Hippo Marketing is a collective of creators. We design, develop, wonder, analyze, strategize, manage, optimize — and we do it to invoke emotion and action through ongoing interactions.

You know what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for, but does your audience know that? Are you interacting with them in a meaningful way? Does it give them a reason to want? To need? To incite action? Does your audience care about what you do?

We’re here to make sure they do. You dedicate your time to making high-quality products and services, to improving your industry. Hippo Marketing is here to tell people why. We dedicate our time to sharing your story, whatever it is. Whether your message is intended to drive sales, drive engagement, spread awareness, or increase action, we’ll keep telling it to the audience you want it to reach. We’ll find different ways to tell them until they’re listening, and we mean really listening, not caring about time or money. Until they know that what they’re being told means something.

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