Hippo Marketing helped Kellogg Dental cater to cowards. Everyone LOVES a gentle Dentist!

At Kellogg Dental, they don’t just do dentistry. When you walk through their doors, you and your family can expect professional, friendly, and compassionate dentistry that results in a lifetime of beautiful and healthy smiles! Kellogg Dental came to Hippo Marketing looking for a way to promote their message of gentle dentistry.

Web Design

Kellogg Dental’s previous website was a “canned” dental site with content and photography that has been replicated across thousands of other dental and orthodontic sites. Cookie-cutter websites do not offer any personalization in the text or photos, and personalization is what Kellogg Dental needed to tell their story.  


Hippo Marketing created a responsive website for Kellogg Dental that reflected their company values and brand. Simple navigation, clean images, contact information on every page, and, of course, personalization. Kellogg Dental's old website relied heavily on stock photography, which failed to showcase their involvement in the community. Hippo Marketing captured photos and video of their new Kids Corner, building, and community events poster. The final result was a personalized website influenced by Kellogg Dental’s mission to make going to the dentist as easy and relaxing as possible.

Search Marketing

“Call us today! We can see you today!” That’s the Kellogg Dental promise. When faced with a dental emergency, people turn to Google to find a local dentist. Hippo Marketing utilizes the Google Search Network to put Kellogg Dental in front of a targeted audience, and we take advantage of the GSN’s location extensions and call extensions to increase conversions. 

Social Marketing

To increase brand awareness, Hippo Marketing serves ads on multiple social media platforms based on specific keywords and audience targeting. We continually analyze and optimize the campaign to maximize ROI and sales driven by social media.

Branding and Creative

Strong branding bridges the gap between how you want to be perceived and how your audience actually sees, thinks, and speaks about you. Hippo Marketing communicates Kellogg Dental’s brand messaging through visual elements including graphic design, photography, and video production. We continue to collaborate with Kellogg Dental on the creation of print ads, signage, billboards, and brochures.