How to Hold a Facebook Q&A

Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions are a great way to engage with your audience on Facebook. Your audience can ask their questions in the comments section of your Q&A post and automatic comment scrolling will ensure you don’t miss any questions. Any questions you answer during your Q&A session will be located higher in the comments to show your audience that you are listening and responding.

You can host a Q&A session on your Facebook page at any time! Simply click the Create an Event icon in the share menu and fill in any necessary information such as the date, start and end times, and what the topic will be.

Get the conversation rolling right from the start with a photo, personalized message, or both. You can ask for questions about a specific topic or leave your Q&A session open for any inquiries your audience might have. Be sure to mention how long you will answering questions, it’s only polite.

All of your audience’s questions will appear in the comments section below your Q&A post. To leave an answer, just reply to the comments. You can answer as many or as few questions as you want, the session’s duration and pacing is entirely up to you.

Plan your Q&A in advance by creating a Facebook event to promote the session to your fans. They can invite their friends and will be notified by Facebook when your Q&A is starting.

You can invite a public figure to answer questions in your Page’s Q&A sessions. Just make sure that both Pages like each other, and tag the other Page in the opening post of the Q&A.

Every Q&A session is unique; you may receive tons of questions during one session and only a few during others. If you find that you are receiving too many questions to be able to answer them all, choose the ones you want to respond to and remember that you can “Like” any questions you find interesting, even if you can’t answer them.  

When your Q&A is over, be sure to mention that it is done and remember to thank your fans for participating.