Facebook Advertising: Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts

Facebook has made a name for itself in the online advertising business as the billboard on the busiest intersection of the internet. They have a vast array of ad formats to choose from and detailed targeting. Facebook also offers the option to sponsor a specific post, otherwise known as boosted posts. A common mistake we see clients making is mistaking boosted posts and Facebook ads for being one and the same. So, what’s the difference between a boosted post and Facebook ad?

Well, for starters, a Facebook ad allows you to run a targeted ad campaign that meets your marketing goal. You can choose from campaign goals ranging from page post engagements to site clicks or app installs. These ads show up on the Facebook desktop and mobile news feeds of your targeted audience. Facebook ads can be a single image or a video, and they show up in the news feed as sponsored content.

On the other hand, a boosted post takes a Facebook page post and amplifies it to your targeted audience. Most Facebook Page Admins are already familiar with boosted content as a result of Facebook’s prompting to boost well-performing content. The purpose of a boosted post is to take a piece of your pages content and use the Facebook news feed to increase visibility and boost engagement. Facebook allows you to boost your pages status updates, photos, video, offers, and events, pushing the content higher in your audience’s feed until your budget runs out.

Is one better than the other? That depends on what your marketing goals are. If growing engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.) on your social content is an important part of your strategy, then boosted posts can be a good tool to leverage. However, boosted posts don’t provide the same level of advanced targeting and call-to-action capabilities as Facebook ads. If you have a specific marketing goal you want to meet, outside of growing engagement, you’ll want to utilize Facebook ads.  

Every business has different needs when it comes to online advertising. For some, boosted posts are all they’ll need while others will need the more detailed capabilities of Facebook ads or a combination of both. Facebook is a powerful advertising tool for reaching a range of online marketing goals. If you need help running your Facebook advertising campaign, contact Hippo Marketing today. Our ad specialists are trained to leverage Facebook’s advertising tools to help you attain your social marketing goals.