Social Media Trends: Social Commerce

So you've got the thumb-stopping content, but how do you encourage your audience to turn that inspiration into a transaction? With social commerce, of course!

Nowadays, it's common for users to turn to social media to discover and buy new products. In fact, as many as 30% of consumers are saying they'd make a purchase on major platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.

Social media platforms are exploiting this trend by adding new features to make the buyer's journey easier. If you're not capitalizing on this technology, it's likely that your brand is letting potential customers scroll by.

Social commerce is a big opportunity for businesses—so what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the tools and capabilities available and start turning your followers into customers with social commerce.

What is social commerce?

Let’s take a step back. Social commerce, or social shopping, is a broad term describing the meeting point of social media and commerce.

In some cases, users have the ability to checkout directly within the social media platform they found the product on. Other brands might use chatbots to streamline the buyer’s journey via messaging. Major social platforms have many features and capabilities that make shopping on social media easy.

We’ve watched this trend rise, and now it’s finally gaining significant traction. If you sell a product or service, start thinking about how you can incorporate social commerce into your marketing strategy. We provided a couple of ways to make shopping interactive and seamless for your audience.

Set up shoppable posts

If you’re following a business that sells a product or service on Instagram, it’s likely you’ve come across a shoppable post. Shoppable posts make it easy to tag and shop for products directly from your organic content.

Until recently, the hardest part about running your business on Instagram was the inability to share links or tag products. Instagram’s shopping feature allows your audience to complete the buyer’s journey from discovery to checkout, without leaving the app. Making the process simple and seamless for users is huge for businesses that sell products or services online.

Herschel Supply Shoppable Post
Burt's Bees Shoppable Post

Share products in action

The downside of social shopping—or any online shopping for that matter—is the inability to touch or demo a product before purchasing it. Luckily, social media has plenty of tools available to share your product in different ways.

Images and video can help your audience get a feel for your product without having to see it in person. Display your products in different scenarios to change the perspective and show variety. If you keep your audience in mind while creating your content, you'll be able to tackle the needs and challenges they might encounter throughout their buying journey.

Everyone loves a pretty picture or well-crafted video, but some users might want to see the product in use in real-time. Live video demos are a great way to showcase your product in action. Your audience will feel comfortable knowing that the content is authentic and true.

Create automated checkouts

If you want to be really savvy and create an incredibly streamlined buyer’s journey, consider combining social commerce and chatbots. Very few brands have taken advantage of the solutions provided by large social networks—this surprises us! Companies who have incorporated these features into their strategy are actually seeing great results.

Take Marvel, for example. Marvel is leveraging tools like to create automated chatbot checkouts to sell tickets straight from their social media posts. This tool enables businesses to offer commerce on platforms where users spend most of their time.



Instead of sending users on a hunt to find a product you’re selling, you can convert followers to instant sales by meeting them where they’re already at.


Social commerce is a serious game-changer for brands. The ability to shop without leaving the original app means there’s less opportunity for the user to drop off before completing a purchase. Thanks to new tools it’s easier than ever to take advantage of the social commerce trend.

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