5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Photos

Visuals play a prominent role in social media marketing. Nowadays, social media networks are putting a larger emphasis on photo and video content. You want your social media pages to be filled with authentic, high-quality photos that are comment and share-worthy. Creating your own visual content allows you to capture the personality and unique aspects of your business and put that on display for your audience to see.

We all possess the ability to take high-quality, social media-worthy photos. Despite what many people believe, you don’t need an expensive camera to capture great content. Your smartphone will work perfectly!

We’ve put together a short list of tips to take your social media photography to the next level. Follow the tips to give your pages a new life aesthetically.

Lighting is everything.

Lighting is everything when it comes to taking photos. If your lighting is bad, it’s likely the quality of your image will be bad too. When you’re taking photos, utilize all the natural light available, but be sure to avoid direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is harsh and could potentially cast shadows and wash out your subject, reducing the quality of your photo.

If you’re taking photos inside, we recommend having your subjects face the natural light. The light will create a soft effect and enhance the quality of your pictures. Remember to never place the back of your subject to the light source. Facing your camera towards the light will cause the subject in the image to be shadowed, grainy, and flat.

Focus on framing and composition.

Implementing the “Rule of Thirds” could make your photos look interesting and balanced. The basic idea behind the Rule of Thirds is that if you were to divide your photos into thirds, your subject would only take up one-third of the space. Breaking your photos into thirds provides vertical and horizontal reference points that will create a powerful composition and draw your viewers to the subject. The extra “dead space” will make your photos appear cleaner and allow them to look better when paired next to each other on your social media pages.

You can use the grid on your smartphone camera as a reference. To turn on the grid setting of your iPhone, go to Settings > Camera > Grid.

Choose your background carefully.

Busy backgrounds distract viewers from focusing on the main subject. Having a clean background allows the subject to stick out while creating harmony between your posts. Not to mention, your feed will look clean and professional!

Avoid using zoom.

There are two types of zoom—optical and digital. Optical zoom uses a true zoom lens to bring the subject closer while maintaining the quality of the photo. Digital zoom is an in-camera image processing feature that takes the image, crops it, then enlarges it to size, resulting in lower quality photos. You don't want to sacrifice quality for a close-up.

Quality photos are key to helping your brand stand out. Instead of zooming in on the subject, simply move closer or crop your image in the editing process. By doing that, you can keep the quality of your photo while getting the shot you want.  

Think outside the box.

The first four tips will help improve the quality of your photos, but if you fail to mix up your content, your audience might lose interest. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Photos of your staff, customers, and products are great, but try capturing them from a different perspective. Experiment with new angles, backgrounds, poses, etc.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re taking photos for social media and watch the quality of your content improve. Hippo Marketing has the tools and resources to capture authentic, high-quality photos that will resonate with your audience. To learn more about visual content and strategy, contact us today!