You Need to be on Instagram

Did you know: 72% of marketing companies spend less than 15% of their budget on social? That’s crazy! Despite Facebook being the leading social site for advertising, there are other social media platforms that you should be investing your time and money in. A big contender: Instagram. This social platform, known for in-the-moment photography, is growing at an amazing rate and marketers are finding success with a variety of ad formats including video and carousel ads.

Instagram offers unique advertising formats with their Stories and Mobile App Installs. Now’s the time to get in and try out these different advertising strategies before the platform becomes as big as Facebook.


Currently, Instagram has 700M monthly active users and 400M daily active users, and they’re only growing. Of the those active users, 69% of them are Millennials who are checking the platform more than 13X a day! Roughly 42% of advertisers are already investing a good chunk of their advertising dollars in Instagram, so why aren’t you? What are you doing to get your brand in front of this massive audience? Contact Hippo Marketing today to discuss how you can start telling your story on Instagram.