SEO Myth

"I Don't Need a Mobile Optimization Strategy"

Back in 2015, Google released an algorithm update called “Mobilegeddon,” (we wrote a piece on it that you can read here). The update put more weight on mobile-friendliness as a component of Google’s ranking system. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are penalized in mobile search results. An analysis of more than 15,000 websites found that websites that aren’t optimized for mobile had about a 5% decline in organic traffic.

Hippo Marketing has roots in mobile website design. If your website still looks like it was built during the early days of the internet, we’ll come up with a comprehensive strategy that brings your site into the modern age and delivers a seamless user experience. Don’t let your business potential be limited by an out-of-date website. Afterall, your website is the foundation of your business and where your branding lives. Our team at Hippo Marketing includes experienced web designers and content creators who specialize in building responsive sites that tell your story. Our creative team will ensure your website responds to adapt to your visitors and will display your content is a way that’s easy to read on any device. 

Hippo Marketing customers get custom responsive websites that are mobile-friendly by default. We’ll also ensure that your site communicates your brand messaging through engaging copy and visuals, custom graphics, and professional photography and video that define your visual identity. Are you ready to tell your story? Contact us today!

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